Publicado por: Paulo Ferreira em 2/4/20 9:50 AM

On the 31st of January at 11pm, we signaled the official departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union.
However, until the end of 2020 the parties will continue to negotiate the terms of the UK's operational exit from the European Union. Until December 31st, all goods will be treated in customs terms as until January 31st, with no changes whatsoever. The same applies to people, who can continue travelling in the same way, until 31 December 2020.

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Publicado por: Patrícia Barroso em 2/3/20 5:21 PM

The Coronavirus, which already records more than 425 deaths in China and has been identified in 20 more countries, has gone global and has led several companies to suspend their operations in China.

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Pedro Paulo is the Import Supervisor of Multicargo

Publicado por: Ferreira, Paulo em 8/31/17 3:37 PM

He began working temporarily in the Transport and Logistics industry more than 20 years ago as cargo receptionist in several companies, such as Expeditors, Nippon Express, Unicordas, Speditur and Lacto Ibérica. In 2005, began his activity at STEF (former SDF), where he held the position of Responsible for the National Expedition. After that, in 2008, began a new professional challenge in Justlog, as Operational of Import.

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The importance of USA for European Union for export and import

Publicado por: Pinto, Rui em 8/17/17 2:50 PM

The importance of USA for European Union for export and import.jpg

The United States of America (USA) is the largest economy of world and continues with a high degree of production, its GDP is over Usd 17.7 trillion, roughly 70% higher than the second largest economy of world, China with Usd 10.35 trillion.

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EUA’s Potential in the Export Market

Publicado por: Azevedo, Sofia em 7/28/17 3:03 PM

The United States of America continues to be the largest importer in the world, so this market has enormous potential for Portugal.

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