Costa, Lia

Lia Costa is a Biomedical Engineer, and this specialty handed her a vast set of skills in the field of Information Technology. Thanks to this, she is the Consultant of Multicargo in Digital Marketing. She supports the management of the website, as well as the preparation of the informative content. She has been collaborating with Multicargo since November, 2015.

Artigos Recentes

Groupage vs Full container load

Publicado por: Costa, Lia em 6/29/16 5:00 PM

When hiring a freight forwarding company to ensure the transport of goods to a certain destination, you might face the following question: How should I load my cargo, what is the most suitable type of loading? Would it be better to opt for groupage or full container service as a mode of transport?

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Transportation and Logistics Management: The Great Challenges

Publicado por: Costa, Lia em 5/31/16 3:33 PM

Transportation and Logistics management today adds up to a big complexity, setting many challenges to managers, who are compelled to coordinate a large number of tasks effectively and simultaneously.

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