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Quality Management - ISO 9001 Certification

Publicado por: Multicargo em 5/5/20 10:00 AM

Adopting, developing and applying a Quality Management System is a strategic decision that allows organizations to continuously enhance overall performance by offering the highest quality to the customer in their products and services.

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What will the economy be like after the coronavirus?

Publicado por: Multicargo em 5/4/20 11:42 PM

Changes inevitably created by Covid-19 are expected, but new rules will emerge in commercial relations, consumption habits and the weight of the State in relation to the market.

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Tópicos: coronavirus, COVID-19, Portugal, Noticias

The other side of the Covid-19 economic catastrophe

Publicado por: Multicargo em 4/7/20 9:30 AM

There is still no way to predict what will happen when companies have the green light to return to normality, but it is certain that there will be several changes both at the National and European level.

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Tópicos: COVID-19, Portugal

The value of the Irish market!

Publicado por: Multicargo em 3/2/20 2:00 PM

With over 9 years of experience in the Irish market, Multicargo draws only positive conclusions. Ireland is an export destination increasingly sought after by our customers and a rapidly growing economy.

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