Paulo, Pedro

Pedro Paulo is the Import Supervisor of Multicargo, managing sea, air and land import shipments, whilst providing a service customized to the clients’ needs. He has been with Multicargo since its establishment in 2010.

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Hiring a Transportation and Logistics Company: is it a Strategic Advantage or an Unnecessary Cost?

Publicado por: Paulo, Pedro em 5/25/17 3:30 PM

Market competitiveness has taken up an increasingly important role nowadays, and it requires a cost management strategy that meets the more and more demanding needs of customers. This presents new advantages to the companies using it, since a cost management strategy gives an understanding of the origin of costs, its main objective being cost reduction and profit augmentation and consequently, the improvement of business productivity.

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Maritime safety - Amendments to IMO regulations

Publicado por: Paulo, Pedro em 2/23/17 10:00 AM

 After the industrial revolution of the 18-19th centuries, international commerce was on the rise, and international treaties regulating shipping and maritime safety came into existence. The establishment of a permanent international maritime body to deal with related issues did not take place until the 20th century.

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What is the impact of the new customs legislation on International Logistics?

Publicado por: Paulo, Pedro em 10/27/16 4:23 PM

The new Union Customs Code (UCC) opens up additional benefits for Authorised Economic Operators (or AEOs).

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Types of Transport Insurance: Which one is the right one?

Publicado por: Paulo, Pedro em 7/22/16 3:30 PM

Taking out a cargo insurance is the first thing that should be done in transportation, as it is carried out practically all over the world. Insurance companies offer two types of insurance in the shipping industry, pilferage/theft and accident insurance policies. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that companies can be indemnified in case of pilferage, theft, vehicle hijacking or accidents.

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