Pinto, Rui

Rui Pinto is the COO of Multicargo, supervising all the day-to-day operations of the company and contributing to the development of new services and solutions, customized to the clients’ needs. He has been an employee of Multicargo since its establishment in 2010.

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The importance of USA for European Union for export and import

Publicado por: Pinto, Rui em 8/17/17 2:50 PM

The importance of USA for European Union for export and import.jpg

The United States of America (USA) is the largest economy of world and continues with a high degree of production, its GDP is over Usd 17.7 trillion, roughly 70% higher than the second largest economy of world, China with Usd 10.35 trillion.

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Low Cost International Transportation - Expectations vs. Reality

Publicado por: Pinto, Rui em 4/27/17 11:31 AM

Nowadays we see a never-ceasing search for ever cheaper transport services from the players of the logistics world. Most of the time this is merely the reflection of thinking in the wrong way, i.e. smaller costs will equal more profit, but only every once in a while analyzing all requirements that must be fulfilled by the transportation service of our choosing.

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Transport of dangerous cargo: How is it regulated?

Publicado por: Pinto, Rui em 2/16/17 2:39 PM

Dangerous goods or hazardous goods (also abbreviated as HAZMAT) are materials in solid, liquid or gas form, which have the potential to cause harm to people, animals, the environment and their means of transport, if they are handled inadequately.

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The relationship between Portugal and Brazil

Publicado por: Pinto, Rui em 1/18/17 12:18 PM

The first encounter of the two countries took place in 1500, with the arrival of Portuguese seaman, Pedro Álvares Cabral in Brazil. Yet it is safe to say that the relationship started in fact in 1822, when Brazil became an independent nation. 

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Historical relations between Portugal and Ireland

Publicado por: Pinto, Rui em 9/29/16 10:59 AM

The bilateral relationship between Portugal and Ireland is historical. The countries share common geographical traits (since both belong to Atlantic Europe), ancestry (common Celtic past), and religion (Catholicism), which over the centuries contributed to building and upholding strong ties between the Portuguese and the Irish.

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