Certificate of Excellence APAT (Portuguese Freight Forwarders Association) Certifications and their importance

Publicado por: Helena Marques em 4/14/20 9:00 AM

The certificates allow companies to show the market how committed they are to offering the best services with a rigorous level of quality.

The certificate of Excellence is awarded by APAT to an average of 45/50 freight forwarders in a universe of 250 members and aims to distinguish freight forwarders who have the following requirements:
  1. Twenty-four months of registration as an effective member of the Association;
  2. Proof of financial autonomy of the company => 10%, upon presentation of appropriate documents, namely, by sending a copy of the IES presented to the Tax Authority in each of the last two years;
  3. Compliance with the Articles of Association, namely with regard to the timely payment of monthly dues;
  4. Appointment of a Technical Officer, holder of a certificate of technical and professional capacity attributed by IMT under the terms of the original wording of paragraph 4 of article 5 of Decree-Law no. 255/99, of 7 July and at under Ordinance No. 1344/2003, of 5 December, or, alternatively, obtain approval in the examination for Technical Responsible on the matters listed in Annex I to this regulation;
  5. The designated Technical Responsible must integrate the management or administration of the company or be mandated with general powers to stand alone or jointly, to represent;
  6. Proof that 10% of the company's employees attended specialized training courses in the field of freight forwarding and taught by APAT, with a workload of less than 35 hours each year;
  7. Associated companies that apply for this distinction for the first time, and who cannot prove the requirement in paragraph f), are obliged to promote the specialized training of their workers by enrolling them in appropriate actions until they reach, in each year, the number of training hours mentioned above.

“The APAT Certificate of Excellence aims to grant a public distinction, through the attribution of a distinctive mention, to companies that promote efficient transport and that comply with a set of requirements and requirements within the scope of the Forwarding activity. It is the same as obtaining a certificate of quality, credibility, reliability and security of the services provided ”


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