Announcement 01/06/2020

Publicado por: Paulo Ferreira em 6/1/20 5:26 PM


Dear Customers, Friends and Suppliers,

Good afternoon

After eleven weeks in telework, MULTICARGO staff returned to work at the company's facilities. This decision occurred after a meeting between the management and all the staff of the company, and it was unanimously agreed to return, respecting all the rules of safety and social distancing recommended by the WHO.

During these eleven weeks we were always united, supported, and motivated, through lively zoom meetings in the late afternoon or operational/commercial meetings in which we discussed the best solution to the problem of a more specific shipment.

Telework was a challenge won, and as much as it was a positive and successful experience, we do not want to live it again.

Many thanks to all MULTICARGO staff for their professionalism and team spirit.

Paulo Ferreira




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Autor: Paulo Ferreira

Paulo Ferreira é o Diretor Geral e fundador da Multicargo. Um empresário com mais de 25 anos de experiência na indústria de transportes e logística. Amplamente reconhecido no setor pelo seu profissionalismo e extensas relações internacionais, tendo uma vasta rede de agentes ao seu dispor com mais de 300 escritórios em 170 países, em todos os continentes.

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