Covid-19 update in Portugal June 2020

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When we compare international trade in goods in March 2020 with data from the same month of the previous year, we can see a drop of (-)13% in Exports and (-)11.9% in Imports. This situation turns out to be transversal to practically the entire national economy, with special focus on the tourism sector, where the numbers point to a reduction of around (-)59.2% in March when compared to March in 2019.

All of this results in an impact on Portugual turnover of 76.7%.

On the other hand, the Portuguese economy begins to reactivate watching a reduction from 15.2% of companies temporarily closed in the 2nd half of April to 9.7% in the 1st half of May.

One of the sectors with the most expectations regarding their return to normal operation is airlines. It is expected to reopen and return to the skies, but with fewer routes available, TAP announces that it will fly again with 27 weekly flights until the end of June, with this advance the company intends to retake 19% of what was its normal operation during the next month of July with about 247 weekly flights.

Overland, the borders remained closed until June 15, with the possibility of passage being extended to seasonal workers with a documented work relationship, joining these to the already authorized transport workers and their crews, and health professionals.


By sea, the circulation of goods remains in normal operation and the cruises will disembark in Portugal from June 15th.

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