Quality Management - ISO 9001 Certification

Publicado por: Multicargo em 5/5/20 10:00 AM

Adopting, developing and applying a Quality Management System is a strategic decision that allows organizations to continuously enhance overall performance by offering the highest quality to the customer in their products and services.

A certification in this field demonstrates that products, processes, systems or services are in compliance with national and international standards and regulations or with particularities defined by the customer.

ISO 9001 being the most used management systems standard worldwide, already recognized as an international reference for the Certification of Quality Management Systems, helps organizations to develop and improve performance, demonstrating high levels of quality when offering their contract proposals .

Certification occurs after a successful completion of an ISO 9001 audit and allows the organization to:

  • Operate more efficiently
  • Comply with legal and regulatory requirements
  • Reach new markets
  • Identify and resolve risks


In this field Multicargo also wants to stand out for the best offer to its customers, carrying out rigorous audit and a consistent training system for the entire team, which allows us to ensure compliance with all international and national standards.

The smooth functioning of the team, work processes and integrated management systems are periodically analyzed, allowing us year after year to surpass our own results and evolve towards an ever better and more complete service, service and monitoring.

We work continuously to earn the full trust of our customers around the world.

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