Groupage vs Full container load

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When hiring a freight forwarding company to ensure the transport of goods to a certain destination, you might face the following question: How should I load my cargo, what is the most suitable type of loading? Would it be better to opt for groupage or full container service as a mode of transport?

Well, neither option is better than the other, it all depends on which service suits the characteristics of your cargo better. For this reason, it is important to know the main aspects that distinguish groupage service, also known as LCL (Less than Container Load), from full container service or FCL (Full Container Load), in order to make the right choice.

In general, the terms “groupage” (LCL) and “full container load” (FCL) characterize the two main types of cargo transport in containers.

If you have enough cargo to completely fill a container, or you want your goods to travel alone, even though the space is not completely filled, you should opt for full container load. This alternative may not be the best from an economic point of view, especially when you have a smaller volume to transport, however, transit times are usually shorter and the cargo is less susceptible to damage, considering the fact that this service provides better security.

If you do not have enough goods to fill a container and you are not willing to pay for extra space either, choosing groupage service is probably your best alternative. If there is nothing to impede the transport of your shipment in the same container with other people’s goods, this option might be better financially, since the main transportation costs are distributed among different exporters/importers. However, your container might only be shipped out when it is completely full, which may increase the delivery time of the shipment.

Now that you know about the main differences, advantages and disadvantages associated with groupage and full container load services, you can make a well thought-out decision when it comes to choosing the transport of your cargo.

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