The other side of the Covid-19 economic catastrophe

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There is still no way to predict what will happen when companies have the green light to return to normality, but it is certain that there will be several changes both at the National and European level.

According to an article in the Observador newspaper:

"The scenarios being outlined may lead to a drop in GDP of the size of the financial crisis of 2009 or even higher, depending on the epidemiological evolution and economic policy measures".

However, not all the inheritance of this pandemic will be negative, several sites point to scientific studies that confer a massive reduction in air pollution, which once seemed impossible to achieve suddenly happened without we even realizing it.

The European Environment Agency (EAE) has already confirmed large reductions in air pollution, and confirms that this reduction is largely due to the period we live in. In the  Portuguese capital, average levels of NO2, one of the pollutants emitted especially by road transport, have fallen 40% from one week to the next. Compared to the same period last year, the reduction was 51%.

The EAE Report also shows the drop in pollution in some European cities.

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