Turkey - Advantages of Shipping.

Publicado por: Tatiana Pereira em 4/7/20 9:30 AM

Turkey is currently the 13th largest supplier in Portugal based on the import of goods in the category of vehicles and tractors, cast iron, steel and cotton.

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From CEO home desk - March 24th, 2020

Publicado por: Paulo Ferreira em 3/24/20 9:14 AM

 Dear Team, Clients, Partners and Friends, we are facing an unprecedented socioeconomic situation, we are entering a war with a faceless enemy, but much more dangerous than all those we were prepared to face. We are scared, we are afraid of everything, we are intoxicated by the media, we do not know what is true, what is a lie, but we must believe in something the next few days are fundamental, we must stay at home to prevent the peak of COVID-19 from being very high and the same thing that it is happening in Italy happens to Portugal.
Please leave home only if it is really necessary, for the good of the entire population, for the safe of our grandparents, for the safe of our parents, for our safe.

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The value of the Irish market!

Publicado por: Multicargo em 3/2/20 2:00 PM

With over 9 years of experience in the Irish market, Multicargo draws only positive conclusions. Ireland is an export destination increasingly sought after by our customers and a rapidly growing economy.

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