Turkey - Advantages of Shipping.

Publicado por: Tatiana Pereira em 4/7/20 9:30 AM

Turkey is currently the 13th largest supplier in Portugal based on the import of goods in the category of vehicles and tractors, cast iron, steel and cotton.

The movement of goods is a fundamental part of the economy and the consumer society. Therefore, choosing the best mode of transport is an increasingly important phase.

We are faced with the importance and advantages of freight transport by sea:

The transport of goods by sea, becomes an asset due to its versatility because it is suitable for any type of cargo, has the capacity to move large and large volumes of cargo, it is a very safe and viable medium due to all international safety rules / standards and has wide global coverage. All these advantages with the lowest possible associated cost.

All of this is not only good for the importer and / or exporter but also helps with environmental issues as it is one of the least polluting means of transporting goods and eliminating the need for road transport between sister countries.

The decision to use maritime services may represent a key choice for your business as Portugal is a country in the center of the Atlantic, which has a very extensive maritime border.

Find out more about how this option can benefit you in your business!

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