Announcement 02/11/2020

Multicargo 10th anniversary

Port of Sines on the way to the top 10 of the best Europeans.

2 Years earlier than expected Portugal closes its largest coal-fired power plant

Networking in Pandemic Times

The Future of TAP ...

Covid-19 update in Portugal June 2020

Announcement 01/06/2020

Quality Management - ISO 9001 Certification

What will the economy be like after the coronavirus?

Certificate of Excellence APAT (Portuguese Freight Forwarders Association) Certifications and their importance

The other side of the Covid-19 economic catastrophe

Turkey - Advantages of Shipping.

From CEO home desk - March 24th, 2020

The value of the Irish market!

INCOTERMS 2020 – What has been changed?



Pedro Paulo is the Import Supervisor of Multicargo

The importance of USA for European Union for export and import

EUA’s Potential in the Export Market

Export process to the USA by Rui Pinto - COO of Multicargo

The importance of professional training in Transportation and Logistics Companies

Sofia Azevedo is the new Sales Representative of Multicargo

Hiring a Transportation and Logistics Company: is it a Strategic Advantage or an Unnecessary Cost?

Logistics today by Paulo Ferreira - CEO of Multicargo

Low Cost International Transportation - Expectations vs. Reality

The impact of Hanjin Shipping’s crisis on International Logistics

Customer Satisfaction: A requirement or a continuous work in progress for improvement?

Marketing and Quality: What is the boundary between these two areas in Transport Companies?

Maritime safety - Amendments to IMO regulations

Transport of dangerous cargo: How is it regulated?

Brazil’s potential in the Export Market

The relationship between Portugal and Brazil

Maritime shipping: What container suits your needs the best?

What is the importance of the Incoterms®?

What is the impact of the new environmental law on international logistics?

What is the impact of the new customs legislation on International Logistics?

Is the role of logistics companies operational or strategic?

Historical relations between Portugal and Ireland

Ireland's Potential in the Export Market

5 Things to consider before choosing your logistics company

3 Things to take into account with Multimodal Transportation

Types of Transport Insurance: Which one is the right one?

Transport Insurance: What is it and how does it work?

Groupage vs Full container load

What Is Multimodal Transport?

Transportation and Logistics Management: The Great Challenges

Project Cargo - A Different World

The AEO status

The Importance Of Innovation in Transports and Logistics

A Message From The CEO To All The Exporters

Multicargo’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

China - Portugal Air Console