Networking in Pandemic Times

Publicado por: Paulo Ferreira em 7/6/20 5:35 PM

Since mid-March we have lived a new reality, there is not a day that we do not speak in words or expressions such as "Corona Virus", "Covid-19", "Confinement" "Deconfiguration", and we lose the freedom to be able to be with the ones we like most , go to our favorite restaurant, dance and have a drink at that bar downtown.

When we think that “everything is going to be okay”, another focus of infection, more fear, all in confinement again, and the team's morale breaks again, we have to build everything again, but we are strong, we are descendants of Viriato and D. Afonso Henriques that is why we hardly let ourselves be bended.

We hold online meetings with our business partners, meetings that can even start at dawn, now this is how networking is done, we use the famous one by one zoom meetings, but the rest is missing, what we Portuguese are excellent at , hugging, asking about family members, to go to the small detail that the computer monitor does not allow.

Networking is the art of establishing professional relationships without having the direct intention of selling any item or service. At this moment I am fortunate to establish a network of agents for MULTICARGO through several of  international networks that can serve all the requirements of our clients and in addition I have gained a friend in every corner of the world.

National networking, something that I recently fell in love with joining one of the most successful global networking groups, BNI, is also an important tool in the times in which we live. Here, we also had to adapt ourselves to the new reality of online, and for now we still have to keep this mode, until the pandemic situation is lifted and meetings for more than 20 people are authorized.

In these difficult times that we live in, networking can be a way of leveraging our business, we must be alert to all the opportunities that come to us and many of them are currently online.

Autor: Paulo Ferreira

Paulo Ferreira é o Diretor Geral e fundador da Multicargo. Um empresário com mais de 25 anos de experiência na indústria de transportes e logística. Amplamente reconhecido no setor pelo seu profissionalismo e extensas relações internacionais, tendo uma vasta rede de agentes ao seu dispor com mais de 300 escritórios em 170 países, em todos os continentes.

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