The Future of TAP ...

Publicado por: Multicargo em 7/6/20 4:29 PM

TAP's new restructuring process will not undergo nationalization. After several weeks of uncertainty, the understanding between the shareholders and the government was finally achieved. A good deal, a bad deal? Good for taxpayers, bad for taxpayers? Only the future to bring us conclusions ...

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Covid-19 update in Portugal June 2020

Publicado por: Multicargo em 6/2/20 9:51 AM

When we compare international trade in goods in March 2020 with data from the same month of the previous year, we can see a drop of (-)13% in Exports and (-)11.9% in Imports. This situation turns out to be transversal to practically the entire national economy, with special focus on the tourism sector, where the numbers point to a reduction of around (-)59.2% in March when compared to March in 2019.

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Announcement 01/06/2020

Publicado por: Paulo Ferreira em 6/1/20 5:26 PM


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Quality Management - ISO 9001 Certification

Publicado por: Multicargo em 5/5/20 10:00 AM

Adopting, developing and applying a Quality Management System is a strategic decision that allows organizations to continuously enhance overall performance by offering the highest quality to the customer in their products and services.

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What will the economy be like after the coronavirus?

Publicado por: Multicargo em 5/4/20 11:42 PM

Changes inevitably created by Covid-19 are expected, but new rules will emerge in commercial relations, consumption habits and the weight of the State in relation to the market.

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